What is ERP

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The main themes of this site are:

SOSE!(SITE Open Source ERP) S ->I -> T ->E methodology.

Select  -> Implement  ->  Train  -> Expand

  • S -> SEARCH, evaluate and select ERP software which suits your business.
  • I -> IMPLEMENT it using proven, easy step by step guidelines.
  • T -> TRAINING the people who are involved with the system.
  • E -> EXPAND the ERP system and your business with optimal customization of ERP solution.

The areas related to ERP software this site will help you improve include:

  • ERP terminology: Most of the ERP system related definitions.
  • ERP modules: Information about different ERP modules.
  • Open Source ERP softwares: Information about most of the free ERP softwares.
  • Commercial ERP softwares: Information about popular commercial ERP systems.
  • ERP articles: Enjoy ERP related articles that help you grow
  • ERP news: Raise your awareness about ERP and live more consciously.
  • ERP case studies: Practical ERP implementation information.

Where to Begin?

 This site contains enough free ERP software material to fill more than 25 books. Don’t let that overwhelm you though because no matter where you begin, it will only take a few clicks to find something of value to you. If you find an article that interests you, but you don’t have time to read it right now, feel free to print it out for later.

Be sure to bookmark this site, so you can return to it again and again. Many visitors begin their days by spending 15-30 minutes here and report that it helps them become more focused, motivated, and confident about ERP softwares.

  1. ERP tutorials – SITE Open Source ERP training is a “10 DAY process to guide you about basic of ERP implementation.
  2. ERP Presentation- ERP presentations in pdf and ppt format give basic information about ERP systems.
  3. ERP softwares List – This is list of open source ERPs available. Only most active ERPs are included.
  4. ERP Terms – Dictionary of most of the ERP terminology.
  5. ERP Modules– It gives good idea about basic ERP modules
  6. Have a look at ERP White papers.
  7. Keep reading latest ERP News

Who Is SOSE! ?

Since 1997, SITE Open Source ERP (SOSE!) methodology has delivered ” ERP software implementation success. Quick. Simple. Real.”

Over 500,000 small & medium (SMEs ) businesses outperform using S-I-T-E technology and tools. You can learn more about it when you start using it.