ERP Training Plan

ERP training plan is needed for training, All users, trainers, and support personnel at different levels. Comprehensive training is a critical requirement for all persons central to the implementation process. Training will be intense in different modules and careful planning and scheduling is necessary.

Several levels and types of training are required and will be scheduled at the appropriate times during the implementation period. If you want to know more about SOSE! ERP software go here.

Technical – training required for the technical support team will be different than that required in the functional and end-user areas. Technical training includes managing the new hardware, database and issues specific to the technical requirements. Training will be provided by consultants or need to get it with technical manuals.

Functional Area – project team members who are leading the implementation of the individual modules will receive training in the areas of business redesign and functional training. ERP consultants or manuals will provide this training. Training and documentation will be provided to individuals in those functional areas that require more intensive system training by the team leader.

End-User – training for end user will be provided to use ERP software to complete the tasks necessary in their areas of responsibility to make the transition to Banner as easy and effective as possible. Training will be provided by ERP consultant or manual.

Training will will involve education, skills development, and evaluation.


* Identify and deliver organizational change, navigation, concept and application training to end-users;
* Identify end-users to be trained to meet respective go-live dates;
* Deliver training in various formats to best address the learning styles of employees;
* Develop a schedule that staggers training in such a way as to ensure that the core business functions of the organization continue;
* Prepare end-user training materials that will serve as a desk reference;
* Evaluate the effectiveness of the training experience and provide a feedback mechanism to improve the process;
* Ensure that a mechanism is in place to foster open communication;
* Keep the morale of the end-users a high priority.

To know more about ERP training plan go here.